What is couples therapy?

couples therapy

Couple Therapy Sessions – A type of psychotherapy that is designed to help couples improve their relationships and resolve conflicts. It involves meeting with a trained therapist who can provide a safe and supportive space for couples to discuss their concerns and work towards solutions.

During couple therapy sessions, we may use a variety of techniques and strategies to help couples communicate more effectively, identify patterns of behaviour that may be contributing to conflict, and develop new strategies for resolving conflicts and improving their relationship. The goal of couple therapy is to help couples build stronger, more satisfying relationships by improving their communication, increasing their understanding of each other’s perspectives, and developing more effective strategies for working through challenges and difficulties.

Couple therapy can be beneficial for couples who are experiencing a variety of challenges, including communication problems, conflicts over finances or parenting, infidelity, or difficulties with intimacy or sexual satisfaction. It can also be helpful for couples who are considering separation or divorce, as it can provide a safe and supportive space for them to explore their options and work towards a more positive outcome.

What steps take the therapy?

Couple Therapy Sessions – Couple therapy typically involves several steps, which may vary depending on the needs and goals of the couple. Some of the typical steps that a couple may go through during therapy are:

  • Assessment: to understand the couple’s history, concerns, and goals for therapy and then develop a treatment plan.
  • Setting goals: identifying specific areas of the relationship that need improvement, such as communication or intimacy, and developing strategies for addressing these issues.
  • Developing new skills: you may need to develop new skills or strategies to improve your relationship. For example, communication skills, conflict resolution strategies, or other techniques to help you work through challenges and build a stronger relationship.
  • Practising new behaviours: you may practice the skills and strategies you learn in therapy outside of the therapy sessions.
  • Reviewing progress: check in with the couple to review your progress and make any necessary adjustments to the treatment plan.

Couple therapy’s goal is to help couples build stronger, more satisfying relationships by improving communication, resolving conflicts, and developing new skills and strategies for working through challenges. By working with a trained therapist and committing to the process of therapy, couples can improve their relationships and achieve greater happiness and well-being together.