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Psychological & psychodiagnostic assessment

Psychological Assessment – assessments are typically conducted to establish or clarify diagnoses, identify areas of strength and weakness, and to determine the most appropriate evidence-based interventions for home and the workplace. At Expat Psychologist Suisse, we offer a variety of psychological assessments and psychodiagnostic assessments. Use of standardized assessments and tools to evaluate an individual’s strengths, weaknesses, and potential areas of concern. The results of psychological testing can provide valuable insights into your behaviour, personality, and thought processes, which can inform treatment planning and decision-making.

testing ADHD – enable people to contribute to success

We provide comprehensive evaluation and support to our clients that would like to understand and manage their symptoms, giving them access to the resources they need to succeed and thrive.

ADHD symptoms can be challenging and overwhelming. You might struggle with focus, impulsivity, and hyperactivity. These can make it difficult to complete tasks, maintain relationships, and function in daily life. We can test you for ADHD. This testing process is essential because it can be easily misdiagnosed, and proper diagnosis is critical for effective treatment. We can provide you with strategies and techniques that can help you manage your symptoms in healthy ways leading a satisfying life.

At our testing center, we provide ADHD assessments in multiple languages such as English, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, French, and Russian. Our committed team guarantees precise evaluations, tailoring them to accommodate various linguistic backgrounds and delivering comprehensive support to our valued clients.