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excessive workload- stay sane at work!

It’s a common problem to have workplace stress – deadlines, traffic, over-commitment, having to deal with people they don’t like, and the most popular of them – not having enough time. Even if we love what we do – we can have stressful elements daily in our jobs. Most of us think of stress as something that happens, but in reality, stress is really our response to all of these external factors.

You may have a lot on your plate at work, but that doesn’t mean you have to carry the stress it causes on your shoulders. Your health is the top priority, and you don’t have to let stress rule your life and diminish its quality. How do you handle stress under work-related pressure?

Stay sane at work – EAP

employee training

Depending on the topic and content to be covered – assertive communication training for employees, conflict resolution, anger management, can be one-hour (lunch-and-learn), half-day, full-day, or two-days long. Customized duration is also possible for some training. Topics in demand include the following. Our team can also provide training on other tailored topics.

Stay sane at work – EAP (employee assistance program) we can promise is to provide outstanding, innovative, and effective work-related healthcare services to employees, positively impacting their lives, and providing meaningful return on investment to their employers.

we can help you build productive work environment

When a person’s sense of psychological safety is weakened, it decreases their capacity to perform optimally and be productive. There are some essential initiatives that an organization can take to mitigate psychological hazards and risks, prevent psychological injury as well as promote wellness and productivity among employees.