About Maxime

About Maxime: Pleased to meet you! Since the beginning of this year, I have traded my native country, the Netherlands, for beautiful Switzerland. 

What I like most about my work is being able to experience how resilient we humans are.  The ability to adapt and to come back stronger after setbacks is, in my opinion, our greatest strength. Resilience and confidence are central themes in my work as a psychologist. 

I learned the importance of resilience and trust from my father. My father sadly passed away 1.5 years ago after a long illness. In his life there were a lot of setbacks, but he did not give up. From this experience, I have learned that there are always points on the horizon. That life is about daring greatly and seeking your own happiness, which can be found in little things. 

Areas of expertise

In the Netherlands, I worked at a larger health institution for 3-4 years. In parallel, I worked as a sports performance psychologist and had the opportunity to coach (top) athletes and performers. 

In my work, I put the person and his/her symptoms at the centre. Because everyone is different, I prepare the treatment plan based on the person’s needs and personal treatment goals. 

I have extensive experience in working with mental and developmental disorders such as depression, anxiety, insecurity problems, compulsion, trauma, ADHD and autism. 

I work in a goal-oriented and structured way. In my work, I like to translate scientific theory into practice. I use scientifically proven interventions. I am trained in the following scientifically proven interventions: EMDR, and CBT.

“That life is about daring greatly and seeking your own happiness, which can be found in little things.” 

– Maxime

Eye Movement Desensitisation Reprocessing (EMDR)

Understanding one’s own patterns and thinking and acting, I consider an important goal in treatment. This allows the other person to learn to understand themselves better. 

I believe, being able to understand and acknowledge symptoms is an important step in the process towards sustainable symptom reduction. I always work towards providing practical tools that the client can use when they experience symptoms. So that, even after completing treatment, clients can be confident in their ability to deal with their symptoms. 

I believe treatment is more than just talk, it’s filled with learning, growing and doing. 

Progress is not a straight line from A to B. It is more like climbing a high mountain. My job is to plot the route with you and support you when you encounter obstacles. I teach you to enjoy the journey, even if you haven’t reached the top yet.